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Concerns for Todays Radiographers (Live Webinar)
Saturday, July 8, 2017 - Saturday, July 8, 2017

CME Provider:
Advanced Health Education Center ›
8502 Tybor Drive
Houston, Texas (TX) 77074
United States
Toll Free: (800) 239-1361
Phone: (713) 772-0157
Fax: (713) 772-0155
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Social Media: What Were You Thinking?
·Types of Social Media
·Whoops and Whoa!: Case Studies
·Job Jeopardy and Legal Ramifications
·Employer and Employee Rights

That Can Never Happen to Me! Medical Legal Issues in Imaging
·Lawyering 101: Defining the Terms
-Types of law
-Standard of care
-Medical negligence
·Identifying Risk in Imaging: Areas of Liability
-Patient injuries
-Informed consent
-Privacy of records
-Labeling of the radiograph
-Radiographs as part of the medical record

What’s New in Radiology: Trending Topics of Interest
·The Four Biggest Advances in Medical Imaging
-CT Angiography
-Imaging Testing Replaces Exploratory Surgery
-PET/CT Scans for Cancer Diagnosis
-Digital Mammography
·Enhancing Patient Experience
-Don’t Just Survey Your Patients
-Leverage Technology
·Artificial Intelligence and Alzheimer’s Diagnosis
-New Research Using MRI to Diagnose
-Research Study
-The Future
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Lesa Mohr BSRS, RT(R)(QM)(BD)
CME Credit:
Radiologic Technologists:  3 Hours

Self Assessment Module (SAM):  No

Live Webinar:  Yes

Specialty Audience:

CME Sam Course #15901

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